Welcome to WOREL GRAPHIX homepage!

This is the place where I put the best
of my worx for display, so feel free to browse the cathegories above
and download anything you might like - all of my worx are published under GPL v3 licence
(if you want to read it it's HERE).
So enjoy my worx and in case you have any questions or whatever,
send me an email here: El.Worel@seznam.cz

Njoy & thx for visiting!

El Worel

1.1.2008- Photo Gallery updated. Happy new year..
29.2.2008 - Photo gallery updated again! Don't know what's happening to me...
25.9.2008 - At last! Lots of updates in photogallery after half year of intensive doing nothing.
8.3.2009 - Another few photos uploaded, including some new cathegories.